Happy Dogs Read

My neighbor plants a flower she will not water in a garden pot just past her curb.  Sets the pot in the street next to a line of ball hedges — coffee bushes, I think. 

The flower she made herself.  This brings me to a U-turn.  A daisy flower made out of cut foam, card paper petal points stuck into that.   At the center a note reads:

“Please do not walk your dogs too close to this bush.  It is full of wasps.”

In my car I am almost crying at the compassion of my neighbor.  The love this woman has for animals.  Wonder about all the dogs who cannot read.  Live life going about their business as if in a fog.  Happy one minute.  Stung, limping the next. 

Too I wonder about dogs in a way I never thought about before.  Which dogs read?  Which ones put aside their egos, unafraid to ask for directions?  Which ones know it is okay to make U-turns?  Start again, different this time.

The next time I see my neighbor, I query her.  Try to thank her for lighting a candle for me.  She laughs, brushes me off.  Another nut neighbor in a neighborhood full of them.  I drive on. 

Have you read to your dog today?

(c) M. Smyth 2012

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