eyes are bigger than….

Man goes out for a pack of cigarettes, finds himself on mainland China breaking bread, cleaning his plate with zucchini flowers…say what?


“your eyes are bigger than your stomach”. That was one of those things my father used to say when you didn’t “clean up your plate”. Last nights dinner falls into that category. I was with my friend Eric last night and he took me to a new Taiwanese restaurant in Dong Guan City, China. Eric is friends with the boss and we were meeting Eric’s wife and two children for dinner.

The owner is slicing salmon sashimi just outside the kitchen, next to the fish tanks. When you visit a Taiwanese restaurant, the first thing to do is select the fish and seafood. Eric introduces me to the boss and motions me to choose something. Everything looks fresh, except for the listless flounder laying on the bottom of the tank. So what do I want for dinner? There’s mackerel that they will grill on a BBQ, Calamari that would be…

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