So LA, A Season For All Seasons

Right about now I need waders to rake my front yard,
so much exquisite, pure, unabashed, falling down, crunching, spreading out, on top of piles, piles on top of roofs, piles piling up, piling piles piling, up, down, up, autumn, it’s a lot to take in,
autumn, winter, spring, and summer, so much, it makes me think,
like how much fragrance, sight, sound, touch can a body take?
So rare, the dull, stray, grey, rainy, crisp sweater fall day when a season whisperer whispers, “Hark the change it ‘tis upon us,”
Time when I run, happy, stoked out into the here and now, chilled, all-wet to the yard, to my fireplace, to my soup ladle, calling out, “Quick, everyone our new season day is here!”
A look of reason returning to my and my neighbors’ faces with our hiatus from our usual one season of sunny, hot, crisp — maybe two if we count the fog — for the next day or few, fall,
then back to this sunny business, yesterday, today, tomorrow sunny days,
like sunny next Tuesday, like all the next and last boxes of sunny Tuesdays, our future Tuesdays the same,
an endless transcendence of sunny Tuesdays in LA we are almost calendar free,
365 Tuesdays,
Hey, don’t get me wrong — I’m as squirrel-rolling-about-it-in-my-nuts-and-oak-leaves as the next guy-gal on yonder brown hill,
all about our one hit single charm of four in one,
if maybe a little, “Leftovers again?” come fall, come winter, or, “Oh, it’s you,” by spring,
Sprung by summer,
spent, trying to pronounce our one unpronounceable
— springslashsummerslashfallslashwinter season,
with so little rain and chilling,
by autumn and winter,
sidelined saying, “All right already with this heat, send in the rain clowns!”
as I sit debating which flip flops to wear come parade day in our mostly bliss, chance of more, God willing, so relieved at having the time to talk about something other than the shoveling, de-icing, snow chaining than the rest of the snowed-in world,
taking on religion for instance,
taking on politics for instance,
or, maybe, rather, our one season for instance.
Yeah, hands down, I’m down with sunny,
hot or hot, sunny, sunnier, sunniest,
I’m down with LA.


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